Kim Chi-Inspired Cucumber Salad

Kim Chi is a staple in the Korean diet. It is usually made with Napa Cabbage and is fermented. It takes several days to make. This recipe is not fermented so it is technically not Kim Chi. It is, however, delicious and is a great side dish with salmon or other fish. It is also good on a sandwich to add some crunch and a bit of heat thanks to the Korean chili powder.

Cilantro and Cashew Dipping Sauce

This sauce is from the Culinary Institute of America. Their recipes are usually complicated and in need of simplification and alteration of hard-to-find ingredients. Not this one. It is super simple and very delicious. Goes great with the Samosa-Inspired Potato Cakes, seared tuna, or salmon. You will need a blender for this recipe.  The beautiful […Read More…] from Cilantro and Cashew Dipping Sauce